The Bortolian Calendar

Days of the Week

There are six days in a week.

1. Dia de Sol (Day of the Sun): The day of rest and play
2. Dia de Luna (Day of the Moon): The day of reflection. Work begins at noon.
3. Dia de la Piedra (Day of Stone)
4. Dia del Agua (Day of Water)
5. Dia de Viento (Day of Wind)
6. Dia de Sombra (Day of Shadow)

Weeks of the Month

Each month has five weeks, making a month thirty days.

1. Semana de Inicio (1-6)
2. Semana de Crecimiento (7-12)
3. Semana de Luna’llena (13-18)
4. Semana de Meguante (19-24)
5. Semana de Olvido (25-30)

Months of the Year

Each year lasts thirteen months. A year has 390 days. The year begins on the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

1. Luna de Arados (Ploughs)
2. Luna de Flores (Flowers)
3. Luna de Amor (Love)
4. Luna de Heno (Hay)
5. Luna de Granos (Grains): Grains are harvested.
6. Luna de Trillar (Threshing)
7. Luna de Uvas (Grapes): Grapes are harvested.
8. Luna de Vinos (Wines)
9. Luna de Bellotas (Acorns)
10. Luna de Pan (Bread)
11. Luna de Cerdos (Pigs): Animals are slaughtered.
12. Luna de Fiesta (Feast)
13. Luna de Fuego (Fire)

The Bortolian Calendar

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