The Lands of Yore: The Bortola Chronicles

3rd October 2013: Bookkeeping

3rd October 2013 Bookkeeping

  • Added the Boy lifepath to Paul’s character, between Son of a Gun and Desperate Killer. Got 4 skill points and 1 trait point. Added 3 skills: Captain-wise B2, Sailor-wise B2 and Ship-wise B2. Added 1 to Persuasion (now B5). Lost one physical stat point: Speed changed from B4 to B3. New trait is “Veneer of Obedience”. Age increased from twenty-two to twenty-six years old.
  • Reviewed Luca and Judd’s beliefs.
  • Daniel finally spent 4 general skill points for Judd: Opened Criminal-wise (B1). Opened and added one point to Comedy (B2). Added one point to Persuasion (B3→B4).

Luca de Mariposo’s Beliefs

  1. There is a good business opportunity with The Hawk. I will build a good relationship with him and his organisation. (GM note: How?)
  2. Judd is an important asset. I will do my best to keep him and Hanna safe.
  3. I will get a handle on what the Celestials are doing in Paccara, so I have information to trade with The Hawk.
  4. I will improve the conditions and decor in The Cat’s Paw. (How?)

Other goals: Continue learning to read (and write?) from the temple priestesses. Practicing in secret in my office.


Judd’s Beliefs

Only the third of these has changed for the moment. Previously had a belief about going to Islaagard, but has been convinced by Luca to stay in Paccara, for now.

  1. I need money to start a new life. Being a sell-sword is an honourable pursuit. I will take any mercenary work that is reasonable.
  2. Carla has taken me for granted for too long. I will start a new life with Hanna.
  3. I will wait to see if I can fully trust Luca. For now, I will stay in The Cat’s Paw.
  4. If I get a chance, I’ll learn more about the Hanryean gang, and try to get back Hanna’s other possessions.


Judd added instinct:

1. When threatened, make a joke to diffuse the situation.



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